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28th-Feb-2011 03:51 am - Writer's Block: Food glorious food
If you could get a free, unlimited supply of one food for life, what would you choose?

105 Alias icons - Jack Bristow, one per episode
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Pretender icons, wallpapers, macros, etc.
7th-Jan-2011 07:19 pm - Land Comm Spam

caseland is an interactive challenge community along the lines of whedonland and many others. Members compete with teammates to gain points. Challenges range from writing to graphics making to puzzles to other randomness. caseland is specifically focused on television series within the "police procedural" category. Come join one of the three teams today!

7th-Jan-2011 01:30 am - Land Comm Spam

spy_land is an interactive community like jjverse .
There are THREE teams to choose from:
Team CIA, Team KGB, and Team MI6.
Check it out here.
13th-Dec-2010 07:41 pm - Celebrating my Pretenderversary.

Thirteen years today.
13th-Dec-2010 03:08 am - Writer's Block: Time after time
If you fall in love with a book or movie, do you tend to watch/read it again and again? If so, what's your upper limit on repeats?

Oh, my goodness, yes. I don't have an upper limit, I just have to be in the mood. For instance, in the past year I've watched Alias--seasons 1-3, at least--three times. I am at this very moment trying to convince myself not to rewatch Dexter from the beginning, even though I just did, and also Inception. I'll probably fail at the Inception one in the next few days.
And a little embarrassing, when you come down to it.

Do you have any idea how many times I've seen this episode of Dexter?

Oh, Alex Wexo. Someday I will manage to recognize you without reading your name in the credits of something, despite being used to seeing you in black and white and speaking with another man's voice.

1st-Sep-2010 08:05 pm - I am still surprised...

...how much larger and more intimidating this building looks on TV than it does up close.

The Centre: Always Under Construction. (No, seriously. That orange plastic stuff is there in a lot of shots in the show and here it is in 2002.)
31st-Aug-2010 09:22 pm - Oh look, more land comm spam.

scifiland is an interactive challenge community a la jjverse   for scifi shows including The Pretender.

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