H. J. Snape (hjsnapepm) wrote,
H. J. Snape

Scifiland Big Bang

Project Christmas Project Prodigy

Tommy and Danny

Donoterase Picspam

Wallpapers (Click for fullsize)

Tags: alias, art, pretender, scifiland, tp
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I looooooooove the episode posters!
Thank you! I'm slowly working my way through the series.


September 26 2011, 00:52:00 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  September 26 2011, 00:52:52 UTC

I don't know Alias at all, but those are some pretty definite comparisons. And it was sad to watch Miss Parker find Thomas dead again!

And those episode posters are amazing. I love them all!
Tommy's death is always so hard to watch. There are more similarities between Alias and Pretender. It's a lot of fun to watch and try to pick them up.

Thank you!
OMG, I actually LOVE LOVE LOVE your three fanart images in one wallpaper technique! It's amazing!

Sorry for being MIA, hope youve been well <3
:D Thanks!

It's OK, I've been MIA from LJ myself lately. I've been good, how're you?
Ugh, sooooooo busy! But, hanging in there!

Oh, by the way, please fill this out? <3 http://quiescent.livejournal.com/277015.html
Glad to hear it, even though you're busy!

I'll head right over now.
I didn't realise that Jeffrey Donovan was on this, till after the Burn Notice episode this guy was in. I was just "PRETENDER GUY! :D".

This all looks fantastic, I haven't watched this show in ages.
I freaked out when Michael T. Weiss was on Burn Notice. In a good but slightly embarrassing way, lol.

Thank you! And rewatching is always good. *whistles innocently*
The majority of this stuff isn't behind a cut. Just thought you'd like to know. And they are awesome and I want all of them!
Damn! It was until I edited something.
The beauty of LJ now.
I think I've got it working again. Thank you and I'm glad you like them!
You totally need to share these at pretenderhq
I will! I'm trying to finish up a whole season of episode posters and then I'll share them.
Okay. I just think if they were spread out then there would be more going on over there but it is up to you!
There'll be all the seasons eventually, and I could split up each season into a couple posts, but I'd rather they be in episode order. I've just been kind of making them randomly so far, so there's lots missing. I've only done 9 from S1, 10 from S2, 6 from S3, and 9 from S4. Maybe I'll make a post once I have the first 5 or 6 episodes done?
Sounds like a plan. I just love the idea of them and the idea of many posts over in the comm. Thanks!
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