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A Pretender's Refuge

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H. J. Snape
3 October 1986

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the pretender

Miss Parker is my Alter Ego

adventures of bullwhip griffin, alan rickman, alias, alton brown, andrea parker, anthony hopkins, back to the future, books, bookstores, boston, brian maes, brooks ashmanskas, broots, catherine parker, catherine willows, cheese, chocolate, cobb/ariadne, csi, david thewlis, deb/lundy, dexter, die hard, director kendall, drawing, ellen page, emma thompson, fanfiction, feasting on asphalt, geoffrey rush, gil grissom, glee, good eats, greg/sara, gryffindor, half-blood prince, hannibal lecter, harold/rhonda, harry potter, harry/ginny, hbp, helga/arnold, hermione granger, hey arnold, house/cuddy, house/cuddy/wilson, hugh laurie, icons, inception, irina derevko, island of the haunted, jack bristow, jack/irina, jack/irina/kendall, jane austen, jarod, jarod/miss parker, jason isaacs, joan of arcadia, johnny depp, juno, kate winslet, keith carradine, lecter/clarice, lena olin, lion in winter, lord of the rings, love actually, matthew macfadyen, michael caine, michael t. weiss, milo rambaldi, miss parker, movies, mythbusters, niles the butler, niles/cc, patrick bauchau, phantom of the opera, photoshop, planet of the apes, pretender, ralph fiennes, red dragon, red sox, roddy mcdowall, ron/luna, sense and sensibility, severus snape, she loves me, shipping, silence of the lambs, slytherin, snape, snow cake, so weird, sparrabeth, ss/hg, switchfoot, sydney, sydney bristow, tea, terry o'quinn, the beatles, the centre, the edge, the muppet christmas carol, the nanny, the poseidon adventure, the pretender, the sims, thomas andrews, titanic, victor garber, william petersen, willy wonka, you've got mail